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How do you get an hour of ambient background sound for your game, without looping an audio file, with only 1.5 MB of audio assets?

Add a set of sound files to your game that will actually be played like a musical instrument and will create an ambient background in your game whenever you need it. It's like having an ambient player piano inside your game, and this ambient background will not repeat for over 60 minutes, but it only requires 1.5 MB of sound files.

This package creates both ambient music and ambient sound effects. 

You only need basic programming skills and working knowledge of a game engine to use this package.

Included in this package are everything you need to set up the ambient player in your game: sound files (enough to create all three backgrounds in the demo), the number sequence that must be used with the code, and simple pseudo-code that is easy to follow. 

Plus, complete explanations of everything in the packet.
You can substitute your own sound files to create your own sound.

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ambient_music_maker.zip 9 MB

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Hi. Your video link is broken, and there is no way to see what it actually does. Also, does it export files to .mp3 etc, and can we use the resulting files in our commercial projects?

Hi, I fixed the link to the demo video.

The sounds you hear on the demo are included in the package. 

The way it works is, you add the music maker to the game code. Then you can turn it on, and it creates the background track in real time, as your game is running. Turn off the music maker whenever you want. 

The instructions are simple, only 700 words.

You can use your own .mp3 files if you want. I include tips on how to do that.

It doesn't export to .mp3. The ambient background is generated in real time, as your game is running.

You can use the music maker and the music it generates in your game completely royalty free in your commercial projects.  

Message me if you have any questions.

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Can you post a free example of what sounds are created? Perhaps a youtube video with just audio? I'm interested, but I'm not sure what to expect.


Thanks for the feedback. I'll prepare that and post a link in the description above.

Update: I'm in process of: 
1) putting together a video demo of the range of different background sounds that can be achieved
2) adding more sound files to the package so you can have a choice of sounds right away (you can also use your own sound files)
3) including pre-formatted code (in addition to the pseudo-code) to save you time adding this code to your game

In a few more days I should have the demo up and an updated package.

I look forward to it!

I've just posted an updated package. I don't know what coding language people will be using, but I included very simple pseudo-code. I also posted a demo, and the packet includes all the sound files for the backgrounds in the demo. You can use your own sound files to create your own backgrounds, if you want. Just message me if you have any questions.

Thanks! I'll purchase it now and look through it, but I won't be able really dig in until later this week.